Newspaper Articles

Here are some newspaper articles that were written about us.


"Jewish Democrats Fared Well in the Elections"

Jewocity, November 7 2012


"American Voters in Israel Make Their Mark On Two Electoral Fronts"

The Jewish Press, November 7 2012


"Jewish Voters, Jewish Values"

The Huffington Post, November 6 2012


"D-day for Mr Romneyahu"

London Evening Standard, November 6 2012


"U.S. Race 'All Tied Up', Find Various Polls"

Arutz Sheva, November 5 2012


"Israeli Vote Could Impact US Election"

CBN News, November 4 2012


"Das amerikanische Israel wählt"

Wiener Zeitung, November 2 2012


"'Americans in Israel Vote GOP"

Tablet, November 2 2012


"'American citizens living in Israel, abroad cast votes"

USA Today,  October 31 2012


"'Among Americans in Israel, More Forceful Backing for Romney"

The New York Times,  October 23 2012


"'Comment: Do the motives matter?"

The Jerusalem Post,  October 19 2012 


"'50k-70k U.S. Citizens to Vote in Israel"

Arutz Sheva, September 27 2012


"'Post' set to co-sponsor series of debates on US election"

Jerusalem Post , September 23 2012


"10,000 Americans in Israel may get their ballots too late to vote, says official"

Haaretz , September 14 2012


"Some US counties late in sending out ballots to voters in Israel"

Israel Hayom , September 14 2012


"Citizens who never lived in US can vote in 24 states"

Jerusalem Post , September 13 2012


"Americans in Israel a Key Group on Election Day"

CBN News, September 11 2012


"Absentee voting: The moral dilemma"

Jerusalem Post, July 22 2012


"Sprint, don't walk to the polling booth"

Times of Israel, July 22 2012


"63% of Americans believe Obama is unfriendly toward Israel"

Israel Hayom-July 20 2012


"'Post' to facilitate live debates on US election"

Jerusalem Post-July 18 2012


"Romney foreign trip highlights significance of overseas U.S. voters"

MSNBC-July 18 2012


"As U.S. officials descend on Israel, Republicans rally for votes"

JTA-July 17 2012


"Republicans: Israelis first to see Obama faults"

Jerusalem Post-July 10 2012


"iVoteIsrael: Encouraging U.S. Citizens in Israel to Vote"

Arutz Sheva-July 8 2012


"NJ race figures in Israel 'get-out-the-vote' drive"

New Jersey Jewish News-July 2 2012


"iVoteIsrael Making Registration a Cinch for US Expats"

The Jewish Press-July 2 2012


"Campaign hopes to scare Anglos into using US vote"

Jerusalem Post-June 28 2012


"iVoteIsrael is partisan, and proud of it"

The Times of Israel-June 21 2012


"How nonpartisan is the campaign to encourage Israeli-Americans to vote in November?"

Times of Israel-June 19 2012


"Campaign calls for Americans in Israel to vote"

Jerusalem Post -May 18 2012