Perspectives on the Election

What 200,000 Voices Could Do

It’s time American voters in Israel understood our strength. Israel has in its borders approximately two hundred thousand potential voters for the US Election this upcoming November. It’s a truly astounding number, and one that doesn’t just show the tremendous connection between Israel and the United States, but shared interest, even a shared fate. These kinds of numbers could wield as much political influence has an entire U.S. State from six thousand miles away. Just think about that for a second. We have the same influence on this upcoming election as numerous states in the union. That’s really something. We wanted ...
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OPINION: Why as a Dual American-Israeli Citizen, I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton.

Written by Marni Mandell, on behalf of Democrats Abroad-Israel As an American living in Israel with Israeli citizenship, I confess to caring more about Israel’s future first on my list of priorities these days. I care about the future well-being of my family here, and about my future children. I care about our security, our ability to walk our streets without fear. I deeply care for our ability to put our children on a bus to school or to the army, and be assured that they will go and return, free of harm's way. I also care about our humanity. I ...
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OPINION: For Voters in Israel, Republicans are the Clear Choice

Written by Abraham Katsman, an American attorney and political commentator living in Israel. Abe serves as Counsel to Republicans Overseas Israel. This is as crazy an election season as any. The levels of dissatisfaction with both major party presidential candidates may be unprecedented, and many American voters in Israel might be thinking of sitting this one out. That would be a mistake. There are compelling reasons for U.S. citizens to vote. To begin with, we in Israel do have an impact. As the polls tighten, the idea that every vote counts is no cliché. In 2000, the entire election swung on a ...
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Our services will be shutting down until the mid term elections in 2018. A big thank you to everyone who voted this election!

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