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Hello American Voters from Israel and elsewhere! As this campaign season continues to ramp up, the polls are tighter than ever, and with the first General Election Debate happening this upcoming Monday, it's still anybody's game. We thought we would treat our audience to two terrific blog posts weighing in on the two major-party candidates in this election. Over the next two days, we will feature a blog post from both a Democratic and Republican representative here in Israel to make the case for their candidate. Tomorrow, we will start by posting the case for Hillary Clinton by Marni Mandell from ...

What Do Polls Mean Anyway?

For the past year leading up to November’s election we’ve been hearing a whole lot about polls. These days' polls come in from every possible news source, research group or even from candidates themselves. Somehow, it’s all that seems to matter in the lead-up to an election. But what exactly are polls anyway, and what can we learn from them? Essentially, polls are a way of determining public opinion at any given time. With regards to an election, polls attempt to indicate where a candidate stands vis a vis his or her opponents in the race. Some polling is for ...

Where Does Israel Fit In?

A quick recap of Israel’s role in the Republican and Democratic National Conventions The national conventions for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are over and done with. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each accepted the nominations from their respective parties. Now, the official campaign begins as the major-party candidates are expected to butt heads all the way until November 8th, in what is sure to be a tumultuous election season. If you watched the convention speeches, you might have missed any reference to one of the United States’ most salient allies: Israel. Many of the speeches ...

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