Not sure if you’re going to vote in the US elections via absentee ballot? Check this out first.

The US elections are rapidly approaching, as are the state deadlines for registration- yet, some of you still are not sure if you want to vote.

  • Concerned that they don’t even count absentee ballots? They do. We promise.
  • Not sure if you have a right to vote in a country that you no longer live in? You do. Here’s why.
  • Think it’s impossible for one vote to make a difference in terms of election results? Here’s some recent elections with a teeny, tiny margin of error– proof that every vote counts.
  • Okay, okay- you’re convinced.  But you don’t have time for lots of paperwork!  Neither do we.  Here’s how you can vote in 2 minutes or less.
  • Have questions about voter eligibility or the registration process? See our FAQs or email [email protected] directly.
  • Need some entertainment and a little more encouragement?