Faces of Israel: Seth Cogan

Faces of iVoteIsrael: Seth Cogan

  • Where are you from in America?

I am from Short Hills N.J.

  • Why did you or your parents make aliyah?

I made Aliyah because I believe Jews should live in Israel.

  • What do you do professionally in Israel?

Financial Advisor first in America and now in Israel.

  • When is the last time you voted?

US in 2008

  • What do you feel about the state of the US-Israel relationship?


  • Why do you feel it is important to vote?

I’m not sure

  • Do you celebrate July 4 in Israel?

I don’t

  • What is something you miss about the US?

I miss Sundays

  • What is something that US should start doing that Israel does?

Less intrusive yet more effective security checks at airport

  • Do you feel that the “Arab Spring” is more of a threat to Israel/US/Both/Neither?

Keeps them busy fighting each other

  • What should the America be doing regarding Israel’s war with Hamas?

If you are a friend unconditional support.

  • What is your favorite Hebrew word?