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Faces of Israel: Seth Cogan

Faces of iVoteIsrael: Seth Cogan
  • Where are you from in America?
I am from Short Hills N.J.
  • Why did you or your parents make aliyah?
I made Aliyah because I believe Jews should live in Israel.
  • What do you do professionally in Israel?
Financial Advisor first in America and now in Israel.
  • When is the last time you voted?
US in 2008
  • What do you feel about the state of the US-Israel relationship?
  • Why do you feel it is important to vote?
I’m not sure


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4 years ago
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Today's the day that American citizens in the US and around the world choose the next leader of the free world. Here in Israel, we're hoping for continued support from our greatest ally.

4 years ago
Trump wins his first state: Israel

How many electoral votes would Israel be?

4 years ago
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Our dropboxes are now officially closed, but you can still mail your ballot directly or drop it off at the embassy or consulate.

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