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Faces of Israel: Seth Cogan

Faces of iVoteIsrael: Seth Cogan
  • Where are you from in America?
I am from Short Hills N.J.
  • Why did you or your parents make aliyah?
I made Aliyah because I believe Jews should live in Israel.
  • What do you do professionally in Israel?
Financial Advisor first in America and now in Israel.
  • When is the last time you voted?
US in 2008
  • What do you feel about the state of the US-Israel relationship?
  • Why do you feel it is important to vote?
I’m not sure


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3 years ago

iVoteIsrael is excited to announce that we are coming back online in the coming weeks and ramping up for the 2020 US Presidential Elections!!!

We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to assist us ... See more

6 years ago

Our services will be shutting down until the mid term elections in 2018. A big thank you to everyone who voted this election!

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